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Executive summary of the Effenergy Project (Do not publish without prior permission of DuPont)Layman report Effenergy project 


These are the tasks that have been executed during the Life Project

Task ID
Task Title
Trial production of samples on manufacturing equipment
Testing and classification of the new panel

Fire tests by an external institute and obtaining proper classification

Other properties tests by an external institute
Equipment upgrade and validation of industrial production process of the new panel

Upgrading/setting up of the production process

Analysis of the potential modification on the production process

Process capacity
Development and certification

Development of a detailed design of an integrated insulation system

Development of optimised building envelope elements

Certification of the new integrated system
Testing and validation of the new products in prototype buildings

In situ evaluation of the new reflective technology

In situ evaluation of the new PCM thermal mass panels
Performance and durability normalisation of reflective products

Screening of emissivity measurement techniques and ageing performance measurements

Creation of new European Norms standard
Dissemination of results