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DuPont Energain

Energain® thermal mass panel – for sustainable building solutions

What does the panel exist of?

The panel is aluminium-laminated, the core material is a mix of a copolymer and a paraffin wax 'phase change' material, which provides the panel's functionality.

DuPont innovation

The DuPont patent ensures that the material (polymer compound/panel) maintains its mechanical stability while the paraffin is in liquid state.

How does the panel function?

DuPont™ Energain® consists of a compound containing a Phase Change Material (PCM) of paraffin wax. At temperatures below 18 °C, the wax remains in a solidified state. Once the temperature inside a room reaches 22°C, due to solar gains and/or external temperatures, the phase change takes place and the paraffin wax melts. It is this phase change that absorbs the heat from a room into the DuPont™ Energain® panels. Conversely, as the internal temperature cools, reaching a temperature of 18°C, the paraffin wax re-solidifies, releasing heat back into the internal environment, as it does so.

In what dimensions is the product available?

Thickness 5.26 mm
Width 1 m
Length 1.2 m
Area weight 4.5 kg/m²
Heat storage capacity 515 KJ/m² at 18-24°C

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