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DuPont Energain

Comfort management


DUPONT™ ENERGAIN® offers a passive intelligent temperature management though its phase change capability, especially beneficial to maintain pleasant temperatures during summer months without installing air conditioning or minimising air conditioning costs.

Up to 7°C can make a big difference – it’s your choice to reduce the temperature peak especially during summer months when every °C counts.
DUPONT™ ENERGAIN® can help stabilising the effects on room temperature by up to 7°C

Once the room temperature increases due to solar gains, heat transmissions through walls or internal heating sources, the Energain® panel absorbs and stores the heat. It releases the heat when temperature drops in the evening or night hours. This heat storage and release can significantly reduce temperature peaks during the day and help maintaining a stable temperature for enhanced comfort.

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UP TO 7°C TEMPERATURE PEAK REDUCTION – what could it mean to me? 25°C or 32°C can make a big difference and significantly impact well-being, comfort, concentration, performance, etc.